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Tena Bed Secure Zone Plus Wings

KSh 3,100.00

Protection for beds and chairs against accidental urine loss with extra absorption capacity and with wings to secure that the product stays in place. The product has a soft surface that is comfortable to the skin.



The TENA Bed pads with wings are ideal for protecting bedding against leaks.

They feature a soft and flexible under pad which features Secure Zone Technology ensuring superior absorbency at 2300ml which is the highest absorbency bed pad with wings available.

The overall size of the item is 180 x 80cm. 

The absorption zone is 90x80cm with a 45×80 cm wing on each side. The bed sheet has been dermatologically tested, is comfortable to lie on and gentle to the skin.

Comes as a pack of 20pieces

The wings ensure the pad stays securely in place and they are suitable for sensitive skin.

Benefits & Features

– Highest Absorbency Bed Pad Available with Wings

– Large Wing Size

– Suitable for Sensitive Skin

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