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A team of qualified nutritionists dedicated to helping individuals lead a healthier lifestyle through making realistic and sustainable changes.

What You Need to Know

We provide our services to groups or individuals at our premises or client’s premises, with consultancy services available online.

Nutrition is key to healthy living, disease prevention and even healing. Proper nutrition ensures that your body has all the essential nutrients needed to repair it. Nutrition impacts your sleep, your mood, your mental well-being and physical wellbeing.
We are here to help you take charge of your health today.

Our Services

Food Safety and Hygiene Training
Weight Management Program
Sports Nutrition
Infant and child nutrition including malnutrition
Enteral and parenteral nutrition
Mental health nutrition
Corporate wellness
Nutrition for healthy aging
Maternal nutrition, including gestational diabetes
Palliative nutrition
Vegetarian and vegan meal planning
School meals programs and school lunch boxes

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Because quality patient care is our specialty, our doors are open within the specified times and we can also be reached on public holidays.

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