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Advanced Wound Care

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Advanced Wound Care

Our consultancy is a Center of Excellence model, established and run by credentialed tissue viability nurse consultants and stoma therapists. Our main goal is to address the vast challenges faced by those with ostomy surgeries, chronic wounds, fistulae and continence problems.

Our patients are managed using evidence-based clinical guidelines to achieve positive outcomes.
An intricate network of wound specialists, physicians, medical researchers and government regulators have aided our consultancy in developing the top most standards of care.

Our Mission

To offer the highest quality of life possible to patients with chronic wounds and ostomies.
To use patient centered approach and care for patients as a whole as we not only take into account the specific ailment but also other aspects that may affect on our clients’ overall wellbeing.

Tissue Viability /Chronic Woundcare

Chronic and hard to heal wounds are managed with advanced technologies, methods and equipment.
Methods used methods include:

To monitor signs of healing progress, chronic wounds are assessed and handled as per standards of care; every encounter, assessment and intervention of our clients has the goal of healing the wound while preventing further complications.

Ostomy Care

Many patients undergo ostomy surgeries that alter their normal way of functioning. Stomas/Ostomies are fashioned for various reasons. They are either temporary or permanent depending on the ailment involved.

Abdominal stomas are being fashioned with increasing frequency.
The deprivation of normal control and alteration in physical appearance can have profound psychological impact.
At our center, we strive to ensure patients with Ostomy’s enjoy good quality of life.

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Because quality patient care is our specialty, our doors are open within the specified times and we can also be reached on public holidays.

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