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Lawrence Gichini

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Lawrence Gichini

Lawrence Gichini is a Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse (KRCHN) and a Credentialed Tissue viability Nurse/Stoma therapist/Continence Nurse Specialist.

For over 14 years, I have been professionally involved in the care of patients with ostomy, chronic wounds and continence needs. Over the said period, my greatest focus together with team members has been to improve quality of life of these patients using evidence-based approach.

Some of my notable contributions include being a founder member of colorectal support network of Kenya, a support network for colon cancer patients who end up with Ostomies. Founder member of The Association of Tissue viability nurses and Stoma therapists of Kenya, a body formed to support and strengthen the work of nurses specializing in taking care of Ostomates and those with hard to heal wounds.

I have also been involved in publishing various wound care and stoma care articles in various fora.

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