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Esther Gachoya

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Esther Gachoya

Esther Gachoya

Esther Gachoya is a dynamic Kenya Registered Nurse with 14 years of working experience in Critical Care at Nairobi Hospital, Cardiac Nursing at the Nairobi Heart Clinic and Fortis Malar Hospital in India and later became the Matron at the Karen Hospital.

Esther Gachoya has participated in nursing research and authored several articles in The Nairobi Hospital Journal. She developed professional clinical competences in developing hospital policy manuals, capital expenditure budgets, hospital strategic planning, recruitment of nursing staff and medical-legal case reporting.

Notable achievements include, developing the Karen Hospital strategic plan, established the Karen Hospital School of Nursing. Esther has trained hospital staff in emergency courses, customer care and supervision.

She is a  qualified trainer in:

As well as a qualified Auditor and Management Representative (MR) in Quality Management Systems (QMS) at Karen Hospital.
Her passion in training and mentorship birthed the Competency Building Centre at AVA Nurse that offers various courses:

Where she lectures. A caregiver at heart she diligently natured and grew AVA Medicare into a thriving and sustainable business that promotes health and wellness within our society, paying great care to positive patient outcomes.

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